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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 14, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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>> ♪ >> and that's the new brady bunch? by the way, somebody told me in the break, that was playing, there is a bankhead. what do i know, i lived there four years. >>. >> i never heard of it. what this is a celebration of stupidity, we were worried about a george orwellion world and we're looking at now the stupid that are populating the earth and not the survival of the fittest it's the survival of the dumbest and i'm telling you, this is the end. >> now, what i'm telling you there are actually people out there right now trying to hold oxygen accountable. >> good. >> trying to get people to-- >> i don't want them boycotting, stop, i don't want the boycott. >> i think that we do need people to take responsibility for their own imagery. >> sean: you know what the sad thing.
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>> for african-americans and folks under different leadership are doing this work and it's critical right now. >> sean: good to see you both. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: there is a bankhead, remember that. >> i've got it. >> sean: all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. greta has a great show as she goes on the record. >> tonight, is hollywood out of touch with reality? the theme of the golden globes award be bravery. we heard that word over and over in acceptance speeches. they were not talking about the bravery of our troops or police or firefighters? who and what were they talking about. >> h.b.o. for me stands for heroic brave operation, one. most amazing actresses i've worked with, julieanne moore, so brave to take this role. >> i want to thank our writers who didn't buckle under the pressure of the first season and continued to challenge themselves and by extension us as actors and make such brave choices, so relentlessly and
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we are all better for it. >> i'd like to thank brenda chapman coming one this amazing story. john lassiter, jim morris, andrew staten, pete doctor, my bosses, colleagues, and friends gave me all the support. my incredible producer, katherine, bob eiger and everybody at disney for being brave to do this film. >> i'm standing here with the greatest collaborators anyone could ask you for, i told you about jennie and judd and ilene, my film school and family and the cast who showed me the meaning of bravery, and nakedness, both emotional and physical. >> greta: oh, bravery and heroics for imitating heroic and brave people, perhaps, but there's a big, big, big difference between actually doing heroic and brave things than imitating brave people and heroic people. and getting paid a lot to do it. have some in hollywood really
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lost grip. actress jeanine turner joins us. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you, greta. >> greta: talking about bravery, as hugh jackman said was it courageous to make "les miserables"? is that courageous. >> define courageous, it doesn't compare to somebody fighting for our country overseas. however i think what he was referring to, it's courageous to make a movie that's just a music cal with raw emotions on sort of a stage set. it's not your typical type of movie so i could see they were taking courageous choices there. my bigger problem with the speeches centered around game change. and what i heard what they were saying, i frankly walked out of the room. it was disheartening. >> describing h.b.o. as a heroic brave operation. >> right. well, you know who i think is brave, greta, i think the conservatives in hollywood amongst the liberal hollywood who try to actually make conservative movies amongst a
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liberal bias, those are the brave people, i believe. >> greta: i have to tell you, you know, i'm not part of hollywood, but i live far away from hollywood, but as i listened to one after another talking about this courage, this bravery and i think to myself, look, they have great jobs and i love being entertained by them, great jobs being an actor and actress a phenomenal and when you're imitating someone else and h.b.o. going to make a fortune on perhaps making a business risk. it strikes me bravery and courage are the wrong words and they used it all the time. >> i agree with you, greta. and i think that actually governor palin is the courageous one to walk out and serve our country. what did she do? she was the dually elected governor of alaska and called to service and she showed up and did her best and expressed her opinions and somehow that bothered hollywood and it's only their opinions that matter and not anybody else's. it interests to me, this is a great unique american art
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form, television and movies, a past time for all americans, so why do actors at these awards ceremonies continue actually think they can espouse liberal biases and the feeling that the rest of america won't be offended by that. >> greta: last year, i think there were 89 televised, 89 awards ceremony in hollywood in one year, more than one a week, that's a lot. >> that is a lot. i think we could be doing better things with our time, quite frankly than handing out the awards. the golden globes are fun and i was nominated for three and hosted once, and the foreign press, i appreciate what they're trying to do, but it was a little disappointing that julieanne moore brought up the 2008 election and a little slanderous to sarah palin. and i don't know how you portray a character or real life human being without feeling compassion for them and empathy for them and surprising that her acceptance speech took that tone. >> greta: well, i love the excellence of acting, love the
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excellence of movies and tv and love to be entertained, but there does seem to be not a lot of room in hollywood, the at least from the outside, for moderates or conservatives within the industry, is that fair? >> oh, that's very fair. that is very, very fair. there is a -- there's a bias and if you speak out, the crew members, writers, directors, actors, if they speak out about conservative beliefs, they are ostracized, not a part of the club, hard to get work. it's unfortunate, it's really unfortunate. everyone in hollywood wants to have their beliefs, the freedom to express their opinions, but no one else, if you disagree with them you're not allowed to express your opinion and it's really difficult to be out there. >> greta: i confess we had a little fun last week playing a video where members of hollywood were talking about horrible violence and talking about, you know, the terrible tragedies that happened in our country recently, whether it's colorado or newtown or even gun violence on the streets of chicago and then, and then some organization put up clips where, as they were talking
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about how horrible violence is, showed that particular actor or actress movie with incredible violence and so of course, we did have a little bit of fun with the hypocrisy of that. but hollywood does drive the narrative in this country and it's very powerful. i'm curious if there's any self-reflection as a group in hollywood that maybe they ought to tone it down a bit? >> i hope so, greta. i think that's what should happen and interestingly enough, i think we need to be responsible for that as americans in general. if we don't buy the tickets for the violent movies, if we don't buy these video games for our children, they won't make them. it's really as simple as that so we all kind of have an obligation as americans and hollywood has an obligation, very violent, very violent in in day and age in the video games and it has to be affecting our nation's youth. >> greta: nice to see you and love your work and of course, i love a lot of work in hollywood. it's always, you know, like i said, they've entertained me for years. thank you, janine. >> thank you.
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>> greta: and now to washington, where it's not just republicans taking president obama to the wood shed over the debt ceiling today the white house press car taking on the president and president obama getting, well, rather testy. >> are you considering a plan b and if not, why not? >> chuck, what i'm saying to you is that there's no simpler solution, no ready, credible solution other than congress either give me the authority to raise the debt ceiling or exercise the responsibility that they have kept for themselves and raise the debt ceiling. >> what chuck and i and many people are curious, the new adamant desire for you not to negotiate and seems to conflict with the modern era of presidents and the debt ceiling and your own history of the debt ceiling. >> i think if you look at the history getting votes for the debt ceiling is always difficult. i don't think anybody would consider my position unreasonable here.
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>> you say you're not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling this year, why should house republicans take that seriously and think if we get to the one minute to midnight scenario that you're not going to back down. >> jewel anna, this is straight forward, either congress pays its bills or doesn't. >> are you prepared to allow the government to grind to a halt if, who do you think the american people would blame if that came to pass. >> i suspect the american people would blame all of washington for not being able to get its act together. >> greta: back in 2006 when president obama was then a senator he actually voted against raising the debt ceiling. so what has changed now? congressman jason chaffetz nice to see you. >> well, congress spending pushing and the president pushing for this? we have to stop the spending. like the alcoholic who won't give up his drink anymore, you have to slow this. >> greta: what president obama said today he's basically executing what you in congress
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are telling him to do. you authorize the spending and he's got to pay the bills. and so now you're saying he can't borrow the money. >> no, we've got to make sure we prioritize the payment of the 16.4 trillion dollars that this government owes, but we have to solve the problem. we don't need just the deal. we actually have to solve the problem and the way you solve that problem is it cut up the credit card and slow the spending to a point where you actually cut into the deficit and pay off the debt. >> you know what i didn't like today. i thought it was annoying, he may have to slow down social security payments if-- and tell you why, there's never any suggestion maybe congress shouldn't be paid salaries, the senate not be paid salaries, the president not be paid salaries, cut down on air force one. your constituent payment to go home on commercial aircraft, instead stay here and save money on travel and get the job done. there's any discussion of the politicians to take the hit it's the social security recipients. >> he wants to use the military paycheck to try to scare people and hurt the
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elderly. you don't have to do that, there's revenue to the treasury on a daily basis. the problem is we deficit spend about 3 to 4 billion dollars a day. we collect, we spend about 10 billion a day and that means that we deficit. we have to borrow 3 to 4 billion dollars a day. we spend more than 700 million dollars a day in interest on a national debt. there are lots of things to do. the president has lots of discretion to curb back that spending to make sure that social security payments are paid, interest is paid we don't default on our debt. >> greta: you know, when he voted as a u.s. senator against the debt ceiling, he talked in essence how irresponsible it was to raise the debt ceiling. what in the world happened between then and now? why does somebody responsible for something raise the debt ceiling that wasn't before? what's the difference? >> i think that the president was terribly irresponsible, to say he's not talking about it because he's above it to blame congress, in part congress creates this problem, but we're going to solve this problem. i got elected to uphold the
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constitution and leave this country better than how we found we can't keep spending our kids inheritance, can't keep spending their money, we don't have it. >> greta: apparently he has threatened, i think his statement, at least people-- that in the event, congress doesn't authorize to raise that debt ceiling that he will do it unilaterally himself and he thinks he has the authority. do you >> absolutely not. under the 14th amendment of the constitution you can only do this as authorized by law and law is only created through the united states congress. so the president has absolutely no ground to stand on, absolutely none. >> greta: speaking of law, he's supposed to by february 14th send a budget to you and they sent a notice that the president is not going to be ready with the budget by februa february. and that's not the law. >> i don't get any sense of urgency for the president. four years in a row president submitted a budget. and four years, not a single democrat, not a single republican house has ever voted for the president's
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budget ever. >> greta: suppose congress doesn't vote to raise the debt ceiling. president obama does it unilaterally, what are you going to do? >> this is the constitutional crisis. i don't know exactly what that looks like, but the president has absolutely no authority to do that. i don't know how you exactly deal with that, but he cannot do that. there's absolutely no way. >> greta: if he doesn't-- he says if he's not going to change the spending, he says spending is separate from the debt ceiling in his mind. if he doesn't create spending or a spending cut, what happens? we've come to a stand still? >> look, the first move, the house republicans, the house has to move first, and i think we've got to show the country we're serious about curbing back spending and we've got to send that over to the senate and the senate has to act. remember, it's more than three or four years now since the senate has actually passed a budget. not only do we have problems getting a budget out of the white house, but the democrats are producing-- >> you're working this out for me. you send it over to the senate, what happens. >> the classic let's not wait till the deadline. the senate has to act.
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if week show in the house we're acting responsibly, curbing back spending and putting ourselves on a trajectory and cutting the deficit and over the course of time balancing the budget we'll be the responsible party. >> greta: the president says he's not going to do that. >> the president says i'll be irrelevant. >> greta: that's going to put us at a stand still. >> the house can only control itself and i think part of the reason speaker boehner and others, we got ourselves into trouble we listened too much to harry reid and the president. we should do what we believe in, what we were elected to do and pass it over to the united states senate. the senate needs to do its job and they haven't. >> greta: it's interesting, secretary geithner sent a letter to speaker boehner about the debt and it's interesting, it says congress should act as early as possible to extend the following authority. the reason i thought it was interesting, no place in the letter does he say the president has the authority to raise it unilaterally. there's no sort of-- maybe there was no reason to include it in, but i thought
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that it was interesting it was silent. >> and the democrats have this crazy idea we print this multi-trillion dollar coin and that would supposedly make everything go away. the reality is, we have to stop spending money we don't have and you've got to attack entitlement reform and attack discretionary spending. >> greta: clock is ticking down. congressman always nice to see you. >> thanks. >> greta: and good news about former president george h.w. bush, tonight he's back home. this afternoon president bush was discharged from the methodist hospital where he's been since thanksgiving weekend. treated for boronchitis, a lingering cough and he will not need any special medication and continue therapy. in a statement, president bush saying i'm deeply grateful for the the wonderful doctors and nurses at methodist who took such good care of me. let me add how touched we were by the many get well messages we received from our friends and fellow americans. your prayers and good wishes helped me more than you know,
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as i head home my only concern is that i will not be able to thank each of you for your kind words. president bush always the gentleman. well, you heard the warnings. everyone from burglars to lawmakers insisting that a newspaper's map of gun owners would only benefit criminals, now, some say it's happened. burglars hitting the home of a new york gun owner whose address is published in the journal news and police say the crooks went straight for the gun safe. new york state senator greg ball joins us. >> good evening, greta, how are you. >> greta: i think you connected this burglary to the publication? >> it's our understanding the family feels this way and gette, shouldn't come as a surprise, we've already heard from correction officers throughout the region that they have the inmates telling them that, hey, you know, we know where your family is. we have victims of domestic violence, dozens now, that have personally contacted our office, and abusers are back
7:17 pm
and stalkers are back and using the interactive map and i know it's widely reported that criminals have said that they would use this map and unfortunately, it looks like that's what's going on here. >> greta: okay, just so we're absolutely straight though. there's no facts actually proving, that the people's suspicion that are the victims of this attempted burglary, right? >> absolutely, greta. there's an ongoing investigation, but tomorrow, several thousand law enforcement personnel are coming together that represent tens of thousands of law enforcement personnel throughout the state to make it absolutely clear to the journal news, that a single hair is harmed on the head of any of their personnel or their families they're going to hold the journal news personally responsible. >> greta: and you have introduced the bill or intend to? >> i have three pieces of legislation, greta, that have been introduced and actually, the governor is part this have overall gun control package, it looks like my most comprehensive piece of legislation has been consumed or substituted in that larger piece of legislation and penned tonight and looks like
7:18 pm
we will have the privacy protections, so not only the journal news, but other entities will never be able to do this again. >> greta: how fast can you move this through the legislative process? >> this may be done by 1 or two o'clock in the morning tomorrow. >> greta: with the president's signature? i mean, not the president, the governor? >> yeah, he's not president yet. we've got to fight along the way, and i know he wants to be. but, it should have the -- it's going to have the governor's support because it's part of an overall gun grab that the governor is doing. these are one of the good things in the piece of legislation that overall a lot of the second amendment advocates are upset about, but thank god this privacy protection will be state law, state-wide. the most bizarre thing about the whole thing the information in the clerk's office was 25% incorrect or wrong to begin with so that's made this even a thornier question. >> a lot of information county by county is different and you know, thank god putnam county
7:19 pm
had the intestinal fortitude to stand up. there's going to be an ongoing legal battle, i'm not an attorney or a legal scholar, but i believe that the county had the right, because of an unwarranted invasion of privacy, to do what they've done. you know, the courts will have to be the final decider on this. >> greta: state senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: and straight ahead, a smalltown sheriff is taking on president obama. he is threatening not to enforce any new gun laws, can he do that? the sheriff is here to tell you about it, that's next. and also, a teacher afraid of children. you heard right, a teacher claims she suffers from a crippling fear of children and now she is launching a legal battle with the school district. you'll have to hear what our world famous legal panel has to say about this one and new jersey governor chris christie warning congress they picked the wrong state to mess with. what does governor cristie mean by that? you'll hear straight from the governor coming up. [ male annocer ] says the all-new nissan altima
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>> with the gun control debate exploding across the country. one kentucky sheriff sending a strong message to the feds. jackson county sheriff denny payman insisting you're never going to pull guns out of jackson county. how does he intend to make good of that declaration. the sheriff joins us, good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you this evening. >> greta: very well. what happens if president obama issues some executive order and increases the control over guns or weapons? you're not going to enforce it? >> with the executive order? >> yes. >> okay. well, when i swore an oath, i swore an oath to the community. the group of people that live in jackson county. i swore an oath to the constitution, and swore oath
7:24 pm
also to the constitution of kentucky, and in that constitution is a second amendment and that's what this country is based upon. how can i rightfully in my own mind and in my heart come in and take guns away from people when that is their protection, in an area, small, a rural county, rural area, sometimes takes 30, 40 minutes to respond to the remote area of the people. they can call a cell phone, i'm en route and talking to them. the guy kicks their front door, i'd rather them be armed and take care of themselves. than in my mind and heart take the guns away from them. >> greta: is there any margin or area which you would sort of amend or do anything with the existing gun law in this country? is there anything differently that you would do if you had all the power? >> well, it's just like, if you take out part, it's kind of like the bible, either you believe it or you don't believe it. the constitution, either you believe it or you don't. you either live by it or you don't. i think people have tried to
7:25 pm
compromise it, tried to tweak it, mold it to whatever best suits them financially or whatever reason, excuse me, reason, but it's still the constitution. it's still what we are founded on. >> greta: what is your theory or why do you think that we've had this-- these incidents like the movie theater in aurora, colorado, the shooting in newtown, connecticut. the brutal shootings in these like individual shootings in chicago and people have been highlighting what's going on, chicago, especially a lot of the young people in chicago. what's your thinking behind -- why are we seeing this violence? what's the cause or is there one cause? >> well, there's a lot of different causes. you can -- if you look at each of the people that are doing it, you go back to the -- you know, they're talking to movies, the games, desensitizing the children to where they're actually growing up and a lot of them do it don't realize what they've been doing, they've been doing it every day on a game, but i had the chance to talk to a
7:26 pm
journalist and this journalist, after he interviewed me i had an opportunity to talk and interview him and he said, you know, i asked him, so you get a phone call and you answer the phone and it's your wife and she is panicked and you can hear gunfire in the background, and you can hear children screaming and she's saying, honey, i called to tell you goodbye because they're coming down the hallway, these guys are shooting and coming to my room next. so i asked the guy, so what-- i asked him so what would you rather have, a cell phone in her hand or a firearm? i think by arming the people, and he answered, a firearm. if the people in the theater, if there had been somebody in there or several people in there with a firearm, how many people would have got shot? in the school, how many people would have got shot. >> greta: so, if you were president, if you had all the authority you could, what would you do to sort of put the lid on some of these incidents so that they didn't happen? what's your solution?
7:27 pm
>> well, i think it still goes back to-- i know with the second amendment the way it was designed, you know, was to protect the people, protect the people from, also from the government. and, but you know, in protection, it's just like if i'm a bad guy, and i'm going to kick in a door and i know the guy behind that door has a gun, and i go to this other door where i know the guy doesn't have a gun that's the door i'm going to kick. you're still going to have instances and violence you're not going to curb that, but the innocent people are going to be able to protect themselves. >> greta: sheriff, thank you very much, sir. and we will be watching to see what happens because everyone is curious to how this is going to develop here in washington and across the country. nice to see you, sir, hope you come back. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, governor chris christie warning congress not to fool with new jersey. he warns washington they picked the wrong state. why is the new jersey governor so hot under the collar. you'll hear from governor
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>> okay, well, get this one. an ohio teacher says she suffers from a crippling fear of young children. she was okay teaching high school, but recently reassigned to the junior high and she's afraid of the
7:32 pm
younger students and now she's suing the school district for discrimination. and back from the dead, i think, former prosecutor jim hammer and washington defense lawyer, bernie and ted. ted, i'm going to start with you. this woman says she has pediphobia and she's chosen the occupation of teaching. >> that's the question he, why would she choose the occupation of it teaching. it's real and it's-- ted, and-- >> i've got to get this out. i've got to get it out. what happened is this school district had this woman independently tested in 1997, found out that she did in fact suffer from this, and all of a sudden. >> greta: you know what we're going to have a screening on you, we're going to have a screening on you. >> hold on, guys, we get to 2009 and she goes to some of
7:33 pm
the parents, tell them about a course eliminated and as a result decided to send her back to the junior high school and she had been in the high school for 35 years. >> greta: help me. >> and a good ada claim. >> greta: i'm sitting next to him, almost like terrified, help he me. >> i forgot how much i missed ted, greta. that was a beauty. listen, it's just one of those times i had to make sure this wasn't the april fool's packet and i'm embarrassed to be a lawyer. the idea that you get up in front of a jury, give me a bunch of money i'm afraid of kids and i'm a teacher. and at the end of the day, she had to get time off work. she wanted to get back to high school, the position isn't open and-- >> afraid of children, who came one that one.
7:34 pm
bernie, you're a parent. >> i thought it was farfetched and made up and then i had children. you've got to know my kids, one, two, three times the size and-- >> and one is really belongs behind the wheel of a car during a bank robbery. with that being said, jim, welcome back. it's recognizable. >> greta: by what? >> under the americans with disabilities act. it's a disability. >> greta: who got together and decided you're afraid of kids, you have a disorder? >> they were tested by the defendant. tested by the plaintiff and the woman has panic attacks and high blood pressure and breaks out with rashes and freaked out by little kids. >> greta: there's something else going on. >> the woman, the school district has to make reasonable accommodations for somebody under the americans with disabilities act, they didn't do it. >> and first of all, the job's not open. by the time she goes to junior high and wants to come back and comes back to work, and the job is not open, and create a job-- >> and i've done murder cases and hire an expert to say
7:35 pm
about anything if you have the money. but the fact that some expert says she has a justifiable. >> greta: i'm with jim on that. that's true, that's a fact, right. >> agreed, agreed. >> greta: okay. >>, but this was an expert that the defense and the plaintiff agreed upon and they said listen, she suffers from this. >> and but for her talking out, with the parents, and if she wouldn't have, the with the parents she would have remained as a high school teacher. the system is wrong and she could win that ada claim under the americans with disabilities act, jim, you're wrong. >> greta: there's something wrong with this, jim. >> i agree, greta. >> and a little california air and california latte to wake up. >> greta: i think there's a problem-- they're acting like they're from california. >> pediphobia, in the disabilities act look it up. >> greta: they're making lawyers look bad. >> lawyers have to go out there and zealously defend a client in this kind of case,
7:36 pm
how dare you. >> greta: and goes to the business of teaching and doesn't like or is afraid of children, something-- >> that's a good question, why would she go for teaching. >> greta: that's a good question. >> it is, but she's taught for 35 years, greta, for 35 years she was successful as a high school teacher. >> and one says i need a lawyer, i'm afraid of fire. are you going to take this case. >> greta: if it's in one of ted's categories. and gentlemen, as always, thank you. nice to see you back, jim. >> good to see you. >> greta: we're moving on, fighting words, governor chris christie warning congress not to fool with new jersey. and an aid package for super storm sandy aid recovery. they're getting ready to vote on the relief package. governor christie has this warning for lawmakers. >> i've spoke and lot to leadership in the house of representatives and i'm being assured by them they're going
7:37 pm
to run this vote tomorrow, along with the amendments being proposed, in an orderly, common-sense fashion that come ports with the history of the way that the congress has dealt with disasters in the past and i'll say again, new jersey does not expect anything more than what we was done for louisiana and alabama and mississippi in katrina. what was done in joplin, missouri, what was done in the floods in iowa. we don't expect anything more than that, but we will not accept anything less and if they want to make new rules about disasters, well, they picked the wrong state to make the new rules with. >> greta: governor christie making those remarks after touring bradley beach, an area hit hard by sandy. coming up was a woman accused of slaughtering her ex-boyfriend in the shower caught in more lies. the jury hears more tapes from jodi arias, and you'll hear them. you've seen them probably posted on the websites where the customers complain about
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>> this is a fox news alert. fox news confirming that secretary of state hillary clinton will appear before the house foreign affairs committee on january 23rd to testify about benghazi. secretary of state clinton was scheduled to testify about the libyan terror attack last month, but she got sick, concussion and blood clot. testifying before the senate january 22nd. stay with fox for the latest on this developing news. to the trial of the woman accused of shooting, stabbing and slitting her ex-boyfriend's throat while he was in the shower. prosecutor is trying to show that arias is a liar.
7:44 pm
and she says she never stole or used the .25 caliber handgun that killed travis alexander and one week before the murder, a .25 caliber was stolen from her grandparents house and the police officer testifying about that burglary. >> it's a small .25 caliber handgun, approximately three to four inches fall by three to four inches long. >> had been taken? >> yes, had been taken. >> and during the-- >> yes, i believed it was unusual that small items, money, for instance, the change was not taken. i also thought it was strange that only one of the firearms was stolen from the cabinet. >> have you ever shot that .25 off, ever touched them? >> i've never seen it
7:45 pm
>> and anchor troy hayden is back with the latest. and troy, was that murder weapon ever found? >> no, they haven't found the murder weapon and actually the whole story about how it was stolen, kind of interesting. the police in fact say that jodi arias called them and said there was a break-in at her grandparent's house, it was in california way up north and the door was kicked in. when they got there, very little was stolen. the dvd player was stolen and they went back into a back room, it was a cabinet, not a gun cabinet, but a cabinet had a few guns in it and money on top and whole bunch of roles of quarters that were fine and four or five other guns in the cabinet wasn't touched. the only thing taken was that .25 caliber handgun, the same type of gun that killed travis. >> greta: in terms of graphic photos introduced today, the
7:46 pm
evidence, what was the purpose of that? >> well, first of all, it's a very strange thing to be sitening a courtroom with a hundred people basically looking at pornography and that's what was going on today. one picture after another, and these weren't so much seductive. talking hard core kind of porno shots, up close and almost gynecological. and each one had a time stamp on it and exactly when it was taken, and about her at travis's house on the day of the murder. something she denied for a long time. >> greta: where did they find the photos? >> those photos were found right after they discovered travis' body and actually on a camera, travis' camera somebody tried to delete the photos, but remnants left on the memory stick and threw the camera in a washing machine and put it through a cycle and forensic experts were able to get the pictures off the camera. >> greta: i imagine with the
7:47 pm
stab wounds there was quite a blood bath. were there any wounds connected to jodi. >> no, but a palm print of hers on the wall and a hair with a follicle attached they ran, and his blood on her hair and said there was a mixture of two of their bloods together and jodi had cuts on her hands and went to a new boyfriend's house 24 hours after the murder and he said she had cuts on her hands. >> greta: troy, thank you as always and the trial continues. extraordinary, i'm not sure why this is even in trial, but we'll wait for the defense to find out. troy, thank you. >> good talking with you, greta. >> greta: now an update on another murder case that made headlines across the globe. british computer engineer is serving a life sentence for the murders of his wife and nine month old daughter. in 2006 rachel and her daughter were shot to death in the bedroom of the family of the massachusetts home. neil was arrested after
7:48 pm
jumping on a plane and fleeing to his native england. during the 2008 trial, police argued he murdered his wife and nine month old child because of financial problems. he was convicted and today, the united states supreme court denying his request to hear his case. massachusetts says that the warrant and searches of the home were constitutional, because police thought someone inside was in danger and that ruling stand and that conviction stands. straight ahead if you don't have it, you're probably worried aboutetting it, the flu. up next, we'll tell you how to avoid the flu and also, donald trump and governor jan brewer made our list today of five faves. we'll he see what we're talking about coming up. should be easy as one, two... well, just one. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop.
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>> watch out. every single american is at risk. a flu epidemic hitting across the country and hitting hard. how can you protect yourself? griff jenkins went to the doctor to find out. greta, this year's flu season is off the charts. if somebody doesn't have it, chances are they might get you. doctors say you better get your flu shots outbreaks in 47 states according to the c.d.c. with emergencies in new york and massachusetts.
7:53 pm
so, what do you do if you're feeling those symptoms? well, we checked in with the doctors to find out. the doctor is an internist here in washington d.c. >> avoid anyone who is sneezing, coughing, clearly sick with an upper respiratory tract infection. so avoid direct contact with them. if you must be in contact with them. stay at a safe distance so a couple few feet. avoid handshaking. if you're sick, covering your nose and mouth and watch your hands. it's really a hand to mouth or hand to upper airway contact at that prepares the infection. >> and a co-worker said he didn't get the shot, doesn't need it. what do you say to him. >> unfortunately something we've experienced and heard from patients over and over again, sometimes people can develop flu-like illnesses and
7:54 pm
adverse effect to the shots, but that's not the flu. it's much worse if you develop the flu. if he had ever developed the flu, he will become religious about getting his shots from year to year. >> the dr. is a pediatrician at spring valley. >> the biggest problem kids are contagious before they're symptomatic. and you may send your kid to a party and everybody seems to be healthy next day comes down with the flu, whatever, chicken box and strep and they've passed it around. in terms of your own children, if the kids were sick you'd want to keep them home for at least 24 hours, and afebrile before they had a fever and can't keep them out for the sniffles, if you did that they'd never go to school. they sniffle all winter. so you have to look for something bigger than that, and fever is probably the biggest. >> greta: and golden globes and baseball, and fred
7:55 pm
thompson tweeting with the steroids scandal and not one baseball player voted into hall of fame. not fair. should have at least inducted the guy who invented steroids. and fox's correspondent jennifer griffin about the golden globes. self-centered hollywood no mention during argo speeches of the canadian diplomate who shellered americans in iran. he died in december. and remember jan brewer shaking her finger at president obama on the tarmac, and obamacare, we cannot simply wag our finger at the federal government. i tried that once. and then the donald tweets, i agree with president obama on afghanistan. we should have a speedy withdrawal, why should we keep wasting our money? rebuild the u.s. and back to the golden globes, tv host tom berg non, next to tommy lee jones, buster keaton looked
7:56 pm
giddy. tommy me jones' grumpy face going viral and comparing him to grumpy cat. so, what are your five faves of the day? who caught your attention on twitter? follow me on twitter at greta wire and your hashtag greta. coming up, last call. a fisherman finds out what it's like to be the catch of the day. caught on camera, you're going to see it next. hi, i'm phil mickels . >>. >> but when joint pain and stiffness
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